Teraflop Workbench Goals

The first goal is to demonstrate the efficiency of NEC SX vector systems and that these systems can deliver Teraflop/s application performance for a broad range of research and ISV codes. Secondly, NEC Linux clusters and SMP systems will form together with the SX vector system an environment that allows to perform the complete pre-processing -- simulation -- post-processing -- visualization workflow in an integrated and efficient way.

To show the application performance NEC and HLRS work together in selected projects with scientific and industrial developers and end users. Their codes come from areas like computational fluid dynamics, bioinformatics, structural mechanics, chemistry, physics, combustion, medical applications and nanotechnology.

The Teraflop Workbench is open to new participants. An application has to demonstrate scientific merit as well as suitability and demand for Teraflop performance in order to qualify.

The Teraflop Workbench is a cooperation between NEC and HLRS.