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Preliminary Agenda

Monday, 15 March 2010

08:30-17:00 Registration
09:00-09:15 Greeting & Opening Remarks by HLRS,
Michael Resch (HLRS)
09:15-09:45 The Vector Computing Cloud: Toward Vector Meta-Computing Environments,
Ryusuke Egawa (Information Synergy Center - Tohoku University)
09:45-10:15 I/O Forwarding on the NEC SX-9,
Danny Sternkopf (NEC), Thomas Grossmann (HLRS)
10:15-10:45 Light Weight Kernel with Portals - building a bridge from wire to application,
Fredrik Unger (NEC), Andreas Jeutter (HLRS)
10:45-11:15 Coffee Break
11:15-11:45 Towards an architecture for Management of Very Large Computing Systems,
Jochen Buchholz (HLRS)
11:45-12:30 Thirteen modern ways to fool the masses with performance results on parallel computers,
Georg Hager (Regionales Rechenzentrum Erlangen)
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:30 Investigation of Boundary-Layer Flow Control Using Direct Numerical Simulations,
Ulrich Rist (Institut für Aero- und Gasdynamik - University of Stuttgart)
14:30-15:00 High Performance Computing in Molecular Simulations in Process Engineering,
Hans Hasse (Lehrstuhl für Thermodynamik - University of Kaiserslautern)
15:00-15:30 A Segregated RANS-LES Method for the Determination of Aerodynamic Noise,
Matthias Meinke (Aerodynamisches Institut - RWTH Aachen)
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break
16:00-16:30 GPU Computing - affordable supercomputing?,
Thomas Soddemann (Fraunhofer-Institut für Algorithmen und Wissenschaftliches Rechnen SCAI)
Ensemble-simulations with regional climate models,
Peter Berg (Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research - Karlsruher Institut für Technologie)
19:00-22:30 Social Event

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

09:30-10:15 Computational Issues of Continuum Mechanics: From Particle Dynamics to Multiphasic Continous Media,
Wolfgang Ehlers (Institut für Mechanik - University of Stuttgart)
10:15-10:45 Direct Numerical Simulation of Multiphase Flows on High-Performance Computers,
Philipp Rauschenberger (Institut für Thermodynamik der Luft- und Raumfahrt - University of Stuttgart)
10:45-11:15 On some applications for large scale simulations,
Arne Nägel (Goethe Center for Scientific Computing - University of Frankfurt)
11:15-11:45 Coffee Break
11:45-12:15 Identification of anisotropic elastic material properties by direct mechanical simulations - Estimation of process chain resource requirements,
Ralf Schneider (HLRS)
12:15-12:45 Coupling mechanisms for Multi-Scale/Multi-Physics between the worlds of computer architectures,
Sabine Roller (German Research School for Simulation Sciences GmbH - Aachen)
12:45-14:15 Lunch
14:15-14:45 Towards Distributed Multi-Scale Simulation for Medical Physics Applications,
Jörg Bernsdorf (German Research School for Simulation Sciences GmbH - Aachen)
14:45-15:15 Fluid Dynamics of Film Cooling Investigated by Large-Eddy Simulation,
Lars Gräf (Institute of Fluid Dynamics - ETH Zürich)
15:15-15:30 Closing Remarks,
Michael Resch (HLRS)